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  • Melanie Gobbetto

Wedding in the Landhaus Westerhof (Germany)

I met the bride in the hotel room at the venue. I got introduced to Saskia´s baby, mother and sister and they were all so friendly and lovely souls.

Saskia's dress was so beautiful and flowing!

Every time when a woman transforms into a bride it´s like a little miracle to me!

And so I had goosebumps this time too! Saskia just looked so happy and lovely!

The church wedding took place in the very little barn next to the hotel.

It was such a lovely ceremony with lots of tears of joy.

Afterwards we went around the house to the champagne reception in the garden.

The weather was perfect, the guests very gentle, the atmosphere beautiful and the music just fine.

The wedding cake was creative and there was not only one!

Several very tasty (couldn´t try them all) cakes were served.

The couples wedding pictures were taken in the nearby surroundings.

We enjoyed the time together and the natural photos simply happened.

We had dinner at beautifully decorated tables in the ball room.

The couple danced and celebrated into the night.

Please note that I am only showing a small selection of pictures here. All the couples received more pictures.

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