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  • Melanie Gobbetto

Beautiful wedding at the Elbe (Germany)

This was truly a couple, which made me smile. Why? Because they have been smiling so much! It seems that they just make everybody in their surrounding happy, cause they are so happy!

I met this beautiful souls a couple of hours before the wedding. It was their wish to be done with the couple, before guests arrive.

So I met them on the Elbe and we used the beach, some forest and everything we saw fot the photos.

We spent a relaxed time together, took wonderful pictures and then drove to the nearby Zollenspieker Fährhaus, where the wedding ceremony was to take place.

The couple enjoyed a free unique wedding ceremony on the terrace of the "Zollenspieker Fährhaus" by a professional wedding speaker of the couples choice. Everybody enjoyed this a lot! Also the fact that Marie´s sister was singing for her wedding, was very heartwarming.

The bridal couple spent the afternoon with their guests, as the couple shooting was already done. We took many family & friends photos and enjoyed the cake.

Dinner was held at elegantly decorated tables in the amazing ball room.

The couple loves ballroom dancing and so the opening dance was a real highlight.

Later in the evening, the guests were surprised by the bridal couple's dance instructors with an entertaining show interlude.

The party went on into the night.

Please note that all my couples get more pictures ten you get to see here.

nly show a small selection of pictures here. All couples have received many more pictures.

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