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Baby Bump Photos - The Ideal Time

Preferably, baby bump shootings take place in the 30th - 34th week of pregnancy.

However, this information often leads to misunderstandings, because some people think that shoots should only be carried out during this period. But this is not true!

The 30th - 34th week of pregnancy is a simple rule of thumb that is ideal for baby bump photography. The belly is usually nicely rounded, but the baby has not yet oriented itself towards the pelvis (usually from the 35th week onwards), which then often makes the belly appear a bit saggy. In addition, physical restrictions are usually less severe than in the last few weeks.

But: Every pregnancy is a little different.

For some, the belly grows very quickly, for others it remains rather small throughout the entire pregnancy. Some feel restricted quickly, others not at all.

In the 32nd week it can also happen that the belly appears quite large when you are standing up, but almost disappears when you are sitting or even lying down.

But don't worry: We can always find suitable poses!

No pregnancy is the same.

But if you want to capture one of these very special times in your life, you should of course feel completely at ease.

We find the right poses for every month of pregnancy, every belly size and every belly shape.

Indoor or Outdoor

As I already mentioned: I love to be in the nature and taking pictures, but it could also very cute to make photos in your home.

It is kind of popular now and if you feel good with it, we can do this!

In the rather rare case that bed rest has been ordered, there is also the possibility - in consultation with the midwife, because the health of mother and child is paramount - that we can also show off the belly beautifully while lying in bed.

A word about clothing:

A range of beautiful NEW pregnancy dresses are available for the shoots.

These dresses are best suited for bellies, the colors are chosen to create a wonderful look.

Depending on the package chosen, there may also be dress changes.

You can find my photo offers here.

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