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  • Melanie Gobbetto

Rainy wedding in Hof Weihe (Germany)

One of those rainy summer days in July near Hamburg.

It is not easy as a wedding photographer sometimes. On days like this it happens that all the plans you made before just don´t work any more.

Already as I arrived at this beautiful barn I could feel already that there was rain in the air. At that point I was still hoping everything would stay dry... I started with lots of beautiful details I could find all over the location. this is why you´ll find also some more in this blog-photos.

Sydney came by car and as she got out of it, I was amazed: She looked stunning in her dress!

Sydney and Jonas said yes to each other under a huge tree in the garden of the courtyard during a free wedding ceremony. Unfortunately it started to rain in the middle of the ceremony, but all the guests remained seated under their umbrellas and listened to the words of the three speakers. The crackling and pattering of the rain was the background sound. Believe me: It was a truly magical moment!

As I already mentioned: Sydney looked wonderful in her dress and so it was no surprise that we were able to capture beautiful shots. We had to split the couple shoot and when ever the weather would let us, we took photos. Although nothing went like planned, everyone and everything was very relaxed.

All the original plans were just thrown out the window and we moved with the weather.

The wedding, despite the rain, was just beautiful.

Please note that I am only showing a small selection of pictures here. All the couples received many more pictures.

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